Wednesday, August 24, 2016

If my life was a film, I'd have walked out by now

Hi and welcome back. I seem to write to you only when something special happens, but I want that to change. I want to be able to write to you when something ordinary happens, when I see a good movie I want to share with you, when I finish a bad book I want to warn you about, when I find my favourite lipstick on sale or when everything else feels miserable and I want to share it with someone. 

 I visited Berlin a few days ago but I took my wrong camera lens with me and I couldn't take any proper photos for you to share. But I'm not too sad about that since I pretty much only went there to shop. And I bought a lot of things. When I arrived there I only had my pyjamas, my underwear and some makeup with me. When I left, my suitcase was so full and it weight 19.8kg.

Pack of tiny Nutella Jars for 10,90e from the airport

These Nutella jars were so cute that I just had to get them. I'm planning to store the jars when they're empty and use them for storage or something.

I'm a big fan of everything sickly sweet, so I had to get these two bottles when I saw them. I don't drink that much these days, but I have to find some excuse to drink these in near future.

10€ from Primark

One of my favourite things I bought is this metal arrow light thingy. You're supposed to put some batteries in it, but I like it this way too. It fits perfectly in my bookshelf!

4€ from Primark

A candle in a mug, how cute is that?! I've seen people doing these candles on their own, but I have to admit that I'm not a DIY type person, I'm too lazy to create things with my own hands.
I also got some other candles and I don't know why I keep buying them, cause I have a nosy cat and I can't burn any candles in our home because I'm scared she'll burn herself.

Ring holder for 6€ from Primark and blush set for 10,90€ from Kiko

I saw this amazing unicorn ring holder online and I crossed my fingers and really hoped that I would be able to find it. I was also really scared that it would break in my suitcase, but it was worth the risk.

This duo blush is my only make up related thing I bought during my trip, which really surprised me cause I'm usually pretty make up obsessed. 

Products for 2-5€ from Rossmann and Dm

Instead I bought some skincare products and some shampoos and such. These products were super cheap but it was kind of a pain in the ass to try and figure what product is what, since everything was in German. I used my common sense and I'm pretty sure I know what to use in which body part and I don't end up putting massage oil in my eye.
I've already used the shampoo, conditioner and eye makeup remover a few times and I'm really impressed so far.

Tiny beauty blenders for 3€ from Rossmann

These tiny beauty blenders are so cute! They're pretty hard compared to my original blender, but they are really handy when using concealer. 

Fur keyring for 4€ from Primark

This keyring has a mirror inside it and I was super excited about it until I found out that the magnet of it is really weak and the mirror keeps opening and closing. I have to find out if there's anything I can do about it since it would be really handy to carry around.

Fake septum rings for 3€ from Primark

I still have my septum pierced but I still like wearing fake ones cause they are so easy to wear and take off. Most of the fake septum I've seen are super big, but these are really tiny and pretty.

Sneakers for 55€ from Adidas Neo

I've been looking for some comfy yet cheap sneakers for a long time and I finally found a pair!
I'm pretty sure Adidas Neo is a cheaper brand under Adidas cause these shoes were so incredibly cheap. They seem really good quality and they are so comfortable.

Sweatpants 15€ and sweatshirt around 12€ from Primark

I really love all the NASA clothing Primark has.

Floral Adidas top for 15€ from TK Maxx, NASA top for 7€ from Primark and sport bra for 5€ from Primark

I was really stoked to find that Adidas top since it was so cheap and it's an older model. I've never visited TK Maxx, but they had all this sale stuff and everything was really cheap.

I Want to Believe shirt for 15€ from TK Maxx (By a brand called Dead Meat), Bowie shirt for 1€ from Primark and t-shirt with a slip top attached to it for 11€ from Primark

Bomber jacket for 20€ from Primark

I know pretty much everyone owns this kind of jacket, but it looks so good with everything and it's really comfy. And with that price I just couldn't leave it behind. I've wanted one in this deep maroon red, but I don't want to spend 40€ on a jacket when I can find one for half the price.


  1. so happy you're posting again <3

  2. Rakastan noita NASA vaatteita! Oon jo pitempään yrittäny ettiä tollasta sweatshirtiä mut ei oo mistään viel löytäny.. toivottavasti joku myy vaikka netissä noita primarkin vastaavia että saisin kans tommosen :3 Oot kyllä löytänyt vaikka mitä kivaa Berliinistä :)

  3. Olipa kiva huomata, että oot alkanut taas bloggaamaan, tervetuloa takaisin! <3

  4. JEE, tosi kivaa kun postasit, oot vieläkin mun suosikkibloggaaja of all time ja sun postaukset ilahduuttaa niin paljo :-D


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