Thursday, September 28, 2017

A word after a word after a word is power

I hope that you, the person reading this right now, aren't too hopeful about my blog. I would love to write often, but I think we all know that's not really how I do it anymore.

I get this really big urge to write something every once in a while (and lately that urge has come to me more often). Especially when I see a fantastic movie, read an exciting book or find some new show to binge watch.
I guess I've always been like that, getting so excited about the alternative world of movies, books and TV-shows and I've always loved to talk about them and I think most people around me are getting tired of it sometimes. I understand them, though, it must be heavy to hear someone talk about a movie you saw together already a week ago. Or to hear someone talk about a movie you haven't even seen at all and have no interest to do so. Or to hear someone tell you the whole plot to a movie you were just planning to see for the first time.

And at those times I really feel like writing a blog could make me a more tolerable person to those closest to me. If I get some of those things out of my system and talk to you about them instead. It could be fun. It was fun while it lasted, but I kinda sucked at it and put a lot of pressure on myself. If I do this for fun and feel that I can post once in two months if that feels the best for me to do, I think I could totally handle this thing.

What am I planning not to blog about? 
About my personal stuff. I used to do that and it wasn't that bad. It sometimes sucked that I had a feeling everyone knew what I was going through, who I was dating, who I was hanging out with. I don't have a need to share those things anymore. I might share how I'm feeling, how some things make me feel and easy stuff like that, but I don't think everyone should know everything about me. But who knows, maybe I start sharing too much when I get comfortable about all of this writing and taking photos and stuff. I can see myself doing that, I'm not the best at keeping ''promises''.

About fashion. That really isn't my stuff anymore. I don't know what happened, is it the fact that I gained a decent amount of weight and at some point didn't care that much how I look? Is it the fact that I feel like there's more to it than how you look? It's probably neither. I think it's the fact that I'm lazy. I just don't have the time or energy to think about what to wear or what would look great with what. It's also my loss of imagination, I just don't think anyone wants to see photos after photos after photos of me wearing my black (or sometimes even blue!) jeans, Vans Old Skools and maybe a cardigan or something. I will show occasional photos of some clothing pieces I've bought, but I'm pretty sure you're not going to see my outfits of the day.

What will I blog about, other than movies, books and TV-shows?

Whatever I am interested in at the moment. Even now, as a 24-year-old, my interests in life change quite a lot. Not as drastically as when I was 16, but I still get bored easily. Some interests can last for 6 months or even longer and some things only for a few weeks. You'll never know. 

I'm already making my next blog post as you're reading this, and I will post my favourite things of the month at the end of every month (or I will try to remember to do so). Those favourites can be things I've bought, things I've done, places I've visited. Pretty much anything. 

If there is someone, anyone, reading this right now, I am totally open to any suggestions about things you would like for me to write.


  1. im so happy your back! i know its not the same as before but im glad your using this blog again
    i would love to see you talking about the serie SKAM, i saw you talking about it and i am interested to know your opinion on it.
    also would like to know the movies and songs your interested at the moment (i know your already talking about but anyway)

  2. Toi "favorites of the month" -idea kuulostaa tosi hyvältä! :). Ja mua ainakin kiinnostaa just nää leffat, kirjat yms! Mun mielestä sulla on myös ollut aina omalaatuinen näkemys valokuvaukseen, joten ois tosi kiva nähdä sun ottamia kuvia, oli ne sitten mistä aiheesta tahansa! :)

  3. Dear Rosa, I ve read your blog since 2008 ? 2009? As you see, quite long time! I missed you, and your blog in the shape which you got lead it for a years! Keep going girl :)


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